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Paper Joggers and Material Handling Equipment
Solutions for the banking, newspaper and printing industries.
Syntron Paper Joggers
Fast, effiicient electromagnetic design allows for continuous operation. Proven reliability, simple operation, self cleaning.

For more than four decades, FMC Technologies has manufactured Syntron Vibrating Paper Joggers to meet the varied needs of business and industry.Syntron Paper Joggers are found throughout the world in newspaper operations,banks, printing shops, post offices, catalog operations, mailrooms, offices,binderies, label manufacturing operations, department stores and computer operations.

Model J-1

Flat Deck
Printers - Food Industry - Product Testing - Packaging

7 x 10" flat deck is a small,
portable unit, equipped with
a durable plastic deck that
can jog up to 10 pounds of
paper, card or other stock.

Single-Bin Rack
Banks - Mailrooms - Printers - Schools and Colleges

When your operation calls
for quick and easy alignment
of a wide variaety of paper
sizes and thickness.
Aligns up to 1.5 reams of paper.

2-Pocket Rack
Banks - Mailrooms

For smaller mailroom
operations. Quickly settles
the contents of incoming
mail prior to opening
on an automatic mail
opening machine.

Special 2-Pocket Tilt Rack
Banks - Mailrooms

Quickly and efficiently
settles the contents of all
incoming mail prior to
automatic mail opening.
Aligns checks, statements
and bill notices. Aligns up
to 750 checks at one time.
Model J-50

Flat Deck
Newspapers - Packing Product Testing - Printers - Food Industry

Single action vertical vibration
quickly aerates and aligns various
types of inserts for proper feeding
prior to loading into the inserting
machines. Unit is equipped with a
14 x 20" or 17 x 22" flat hardwood deck.

Special 4-Pocket
Printers - Schools and Colleges -
In-Plant Printing

Quickly settles the contents of
your incoming mail prior to opening on
automatic mail opening machines.
Features deep bins to align up to
8.5 x 14" papers.

WhisperDek 4 or 6 Pocket
Banks - Mailrooms - Credit Unions -
Utility Companies

Handles checks, incoming mail,
bills notices, stocks and bonds,
receipts, statements and invoices.
4 Pockets aligns up to 2000 checks,
6 pocket rack up to 3000 checks at one time.
Whisperdek models feature
sound-absorbing construction.

Single Tray
Banks - Mailrooms

Aligns checks in transit trays of
checks while still in the trays.
Rubber strips on racks reduce noise
of trays contacting the rack.

Tilt Rack
Printers - Schools and Colleges -
In Plant Printing

Easily aligns loads of paper stock
up to 15 pounds prior to cutting,
collating or folding machines.

Portable stands are available for
the J-50
Model TJ-2

2-Tray Rack
Banks - Mailrooms

Aligns two transit trays of checks
while still in the trays.
Rubber strips on racks reduce
noise of trays contacting the rack.

Tilt Rack
Printers - Calendar Manufacturers -
Box Manufacturers

Quickly handles large volumes of
mail by aligning the mail in the
transit trays in preparation for optical
character readers or bar code sorters
in mail handling functions.
Jogs paper sizes that run on small
offset presses. Quickly aligns paper
and stocks up to 23 x 29" and weighing
as much as 30 pounds prior to cutting
and binding.

Whisperdek 8 or 12 Pocket
Banks - Mail Order Businesses

High speed alignment in large-volume,
high-capacity sorters. Aligns checks,
notices, statements, and settles mail.
The 8-pocket rack aligns up to 4,000
checks and the 12-pocket rack aligns
up to 6,000 checks at one time.
Whisperdek models feature
sound-absorbing construction.

Stand for Model TJ-2
Checkmate and Mini Checkmate Jogger
The CheckMate Check Jogger is
specifically designed to help you
meet your Check 21 Act processing needs by streamlining your
work flow. The CheckMate Jogger's compact size allows strategic
placement close at hand. It weighs less than 10 pounds and is
ideal for jogging small quantities of checks.
Perfect for teller stations, small banks and mailrooms.
- Compact, fits wherever you need a jogger.
- Economical and convenient for optimum efficeincy.
Checkmate Product Brochure

The New MiniCheckMate Jogger is ideal for jogging small quantities of checks in a fast and simple operation.

It's advanced design, including it'scompact size (weighs less than 9 pounds) and simple operation (features a jog on demand / timed sequence) allows continuous operation and eliminates overheating unlike motor-driven units. The units are also warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from date of shipment- the quality you have come to trust from FMC Syntron products for over 60 years.
Mini Checkmate Product Brochure

Product Catalog (PDF)
Jogger Specifications (PDF)
Checkmate Brochure (PDF)
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