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Photo Pro Photo Laminator Photo Pro Spec Sheet
  • Semi-double heating type
  • Perfect preservation of PHOTOS
  • Wide range of laminating up to 13 inch wide (PhotoPro)
  • Simple and easy to control temperature
  • Accurate temperature controlling system
  • Compact design with polished curved line
  • Pertinent lamination speed
  • Easy feeding by 4 rollers
  • Reverse function key for emergency
Crystal Clear Laminating Pouches
  • Packed in a Sturdy Cardboard Box with Carriers
  • Plastic wrap per each 100
  • No distortion after lamination
  • No shrinkage after lamination
  • Millions in stock

Semi-Double Heating Type Laminators

  • Any size of lamination, ID card, Membership card, Luggage tag, etc...up to size 13 inch wide.
  • High efficiency with a double heating system for photos.
Max. Laminating Width 13 inch (330mm)
Laminating Speed 20 inch (500mm) / minute
Max. Pouch Thickness 10 mil (250 mic)
No. of Rollers 4
Temp. Control Electronic
Speed Control None
Preheating Time 5 minutes
Power Supply 120 V (60 Hz) or 220 V (50 Hz)
Net Weight 14.5 lb
Rated Wattage 340 Watt

Super Pouch Laminator - Model SL-14 Super Pouch Lanminator Spec Sheet
Hot Roller Type Pouch Lamintor for Bsuiness

Ultimate Pouch Laminator for Commercial Use

  • Adjustable Temperature up to 160 C (320 F)
  • High Speed Adjustable up to 50" / minute
  • Wide Entrance up to 14"
  • Immaculate Lamination without Scratch or Bubble
  • Digital Operation
  • Sturdy Structure for commercial use

Major Features:

  • Perfect Lamination for any kind of paper (Photo, Posters, Color print of inkjket, or Color laser print)
  • Continuous operation for business
  • Easy operation with one-touch button on display
  • LCD display of temperature and speed
  • Monitoring laminating temperature
  • Easy structure to clean rollers
  • Reverse Function for emergency
Max. Laminating Width 14 inch (360mm)
Max. Laminating Speed 50 inch (1270mm) / minute
Max. Laminating Thickness 120 mil (3000 mic)
No. of Rollers 6 rollers (4 hot rollers)
Temp. Control Digital Control
Speed Control Digital Control
Preheating Time 5 minutes
Display LCD Digital Display
Power Supply 120 V (60 Hz) or 220 V (50 Hz)
Rated Wattage 1000 W
Net Weight 14.5 lb
Dimensions 23-1/8" x 12" x 5-3/4" (588 x 305 x 146 mm)
Weight 37 lb. (16.7 kg)

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