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Acroprint Time and Attendance Products
Model 125 / Model 150 Time Clock
Heavy-duty mechanical time recorder with manual push-bar activated print. Five standard printwheel configurations; other configurations available by special order.
  • Rust and corrusion proof units
  • Accepts all standard side-print time cards
  • Variety of print configurations.
  • Custom typewheels available by special order.

    Model 125: Print activated by antimicrobial touch bar. Battery powered option available (Model BP125)
    Model 150: One-hand operation with automatic print activated when time card inserted.
Model ATR120 Time Clock
Electronic time clock with built in signal tone. Battery backup, two color printing, automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments.
  • Large, easy to read analog display.
  • Automatic card positioning.
  • Includes internal audible signal.
  • Requires ATR121 time cards.
ET / ETC Time Stamps
Our classic heavy-duty document control stamps suitable for a variety of applications and work environments.
  • Accomodates hundreds of print registrations per day.
  • Sharp, clean imprints on documents up to 1/4" thick
  • Records year, month, day and time
  • Consecutive numbering option available.
  • Optional custom-engraved stamping plates available to order.
  • ETC includes digital time display.

Innovative Top-Loading Clocks
Models ATR240 and ATR360

  • Bright, easy-to-read backlit digital display
  • Two-color printing
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments
  • Internal chime to signal shifts and breaks
  • ATR360 includes biometric verification and proximity reader for

ES1000 Atomic Payroll Recorder

100 Employee Capacity

  • Automatic totaling of hours worked, including overtime.
  • Two-color printing to identify late punches.
  • Automatically synchronizes with time codes transmitted by the NIST.
  • Can control signals for external bells and horns.

ES900 Atomic Time Recorder

Advanced three-in-one clock

  • Atomic time accuracy
  • Flexible print options
  • Easy document alignment
  • Optional signal control

ES700 Atomic Time Recorder

Multi-function side printing time recorder

  • Atomic time accuracy
  • Flexible print options
  • Easy document alignment
  • Internal battery backup

Model ATRx ProxTime
Time and attendance system featuring a proximity badge terminal. Easily clock in and out with the wave of a badge. Single-PC or network editions available for up to 100 employees.

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