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   About Us

Established over 50 years ago, J.D. Honigberg International is an International Sales and Export Management

   We are the exclusive export sales department for manufacturers in the United States and Canada.
   We offer rapid and impeccable service to our network of buyers, exporting products across the globe.

Our mission

To bring you unique products which are in demand by your customers and will supplement your sales and grow your business.

We offer you:
1) Products of quality at competitive prices with factory warranty.
2) Immediate response to your inquiries and orders.
3) Shipment direct from the factory.
4) Experienced logistics staff to handle details of your shipment.
5) After sales marketing support and product service.

155 N. Pfingsten Road, Suite 150
Deerfield, IL 60015 U.S.A.
Tel: 847-412-0200 • Fax: 847-412-0034
E-mail: office@jdhintl.com

J.D. Honigberg International, Inc.